Terms & Conditions


The ‘Company’ refers to Really Effective Copy.

The ‘Client’ refers to the person or company with whom we have a contract and to whom these Terms and Conditions apply.

The ‘Contract’ refers to the agreement between the Company and the Client, setting out the responsibilities under it. 

‘Website’ refers to the text, images, videos, and other content, along with the templates used, the structure, and the presentation.

‘Package’ refers to one or more services included in the contract. 

‘Package Contract’ refers to a contract including after Production services.

‘Production’ refers to the end result of the contract (a website, a video, etc.).


The Company provides a range of services, all of which include the creation of materials and/or literature for public consumption. Therefore, the Company  will not accept contracts calling for content aimed at causing hurt or harm to anyone or anything. We will not accept any contracts aiming to promote discrimination.

The Client agrees that any and all content uploaded by them is legitimately eligible to be used and that there are no copyright issues. 

Contracts may be paid on completion of a contract, in installments during the contract, or may be subject to repeating charges for some Packages. The Client agrees to pay all invoices on time.

Contract Cancellation

The Client may cancel a contract at any time, but will be liable for costs incurred for time, and expenses incurred

If an agreed-upon contract is cancelled before work starts, the Client shall pay a token one day’s charges to cover expenses accrued during the agreement process at the discretion of the Company.

If an agreed-upon contract is cancelled after work commences but before completion, the Client shall be liable for the cost of the work completed so far.

If an agreed-upon contract is cancelled after completion, regardless of whether the Client makes use of the Production, the Client shall be liable for the full cost of the contract.

A Package Contract can be cancelled at any time. Cancellation of a Package Contract must be made in writing one calendar month before the cancellation is to take effect. The cancellation will take effect on what would have been the next payment date after the 30 days notice period.

The Company reserves the right to cancel a contract if the Client consistently ignores these Terms and Conditions.

Disagreements & Grievances

In the case of disappointment with any aspect of our service(s), whether in execution or in the final Product, Clients must contact the Company soon as they become aware of the issue. Resolution will primarily involve the two parties with an aim to resolve the issue. Should it be necessary, mediation will be employed. In severe cases of grievance, an arbitrator may be appointed.