About Really Effective Copy

Really Effective Copy aims to provide a range of services aimed primarily at people without technical skills or the means to employ web design experts. The services range from web site copy (text, audio, images, or video) to full websites, with the options of management and hosting services. 

We pride ourselves on the attention we pay to our clients’ needs, only taking on a few projects at a time, ensuring satisfaction and success. 

Interview with John Slack, Owner and CEO

What made you start Really Effective Copy as a business?

I took early retirement from full-time work a few years ago. After retirement, I had time on my hands. My wife pointed out to me that my expertise was being wasted, that maintaining my list of industry contacts and friends was pointless, and that lifting my feet so she could vacuum was not useful employment. So I took a look at my skill set and determined that creating websites, or content for websites, would be a fun thing to do. Earlier in the year, my wife approached a web site creation company that wanted to charge her phenomenal rates for a simple e-commerce site. I figured I could do better, cheaper.

What IS your skill set?

I’ve had a career in IT and computing from the early 1980s until my retirement. In my time, I have built, repaired, programmed, and taught people how to use and program computers. I am an accomplished technical author and author of over a hundred training courses. I created the first intranet ‘site’ for the university for which I worked, along with databases both web-enabled and stand-alone. I was the go-to guy for internet and database issues on our university IT team. Before that, I was a professional photographer, which gives me an eye for pictures that tell a story.

So why continue doing in retirement what you used to do for a living? Surely you should be fishing, or something?

I enjoy putting websites together. I enjoy the creation processes, from image manipulation to video creation, and, with great English language skills (along with some expensive training), write really effective copy. I created the site my wife wanted and a music archive site for friends and thoroughly enjoyed the ‘work’. I enjoy time in the countryside, and live rurally, but I’ve never been a fishing type, so I created this website. It allows me to use my skills and keep up to date; it supplements my somewhat basic pension, and my wife can vacuum to her heart’s content while I’m in the office.

Finally, What is your goal?

For me, and therefore for us as a company, happy satisfaction is the goal. If our clients are satisfied and happy, we are too.