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Really Effective Copy’s Terms and Conditions are quite simple. There is no need for reams of do’s and don’t’s.

  1. If you fill out an enquiry or contact form, I will retain the data necessary to carry out work for you. Full details can be found in the Privacy Policy
  2. If I accept a commission from you, I will, to the very best of my ability, complete the work requested by the time specified and at the agreed price.
  3. If I accept a commission from you, you agree to submit requested data for inclusion and pay my invoices by the agreed date.

That’s it, really.


I will accept liability for delays and errors on my part and will negotiate a settlement, which may consist of discounts, re-writes or other mutually agreeable arrangements.

You will accept liability for failure to supply relevant data, non-payment of invoices, and/or delays and errors on your part.

We will mutually accept liability for ‘acts of god’, or other unforeseen events causing delays/errors that cannot be attributed to either of us.

Commissions and Contracts

A ‘Commission’ is you agreeing that I will do the work you need in exchange for an agreed price or pricing structure.

A ‘Contract’ is a list of specific services I will provide, and to what extent, and the agreed renumeration we have agreed under the Commission.

Whilst the Contract is legally binding, it does not bar changes and alterations to the specifics upon mutual agreement. These changes and alterations apply to certain parts of the contract; should the contract need to be significantly changed then the original contract must be completed and a new contract drawn up.