Landing Pages

The Landing Page is the first page your visitor sees when (s)he clicks a link in your Facebook Ad or an email.

When someone arrives at your landing page, you know you have an already interested, potential client. The copy in the Ad or email has succeeded. The harder part still lies ahead. The landing page is utterly crucial in keeping potential clients engaged and getting them to take the next step – the Sales Page, or the Sign-Up.

For ANY campaign, even when pitching to known interested parties, there will be a percentage of people who do not ‘go all the way (to the purchase)’ and a percentage of those that do. In terms of percentages, Really Effective Copy converts and improves the ratio, where bad copy does not.

Sales Pages

The Sales Page is your (1st) last chance to ensure the sale*

It is not simply a picture and a link to PayPal. Most people who pull out of completing a purchase or a sign-up do so at the Sales Page. If the Sales Page fails, all the hard work getting people there has been wasted. Therefore, regardless of what your advert said, or how much it was described in the email, or on the landing page, your Sales Page copy is equally crucial. It cannot assume the sale is made.

If you would like some help setting up the copy for your Landing and/or Sales pages, click here and let’s talk about it.

Remember that a Sales Page is the e-commerce equivalent of a Sign-Up page. The two are the same. If you are having trouble getting sign-ups, I can help solve that issue too.

*Actually it is possible to ‘chase up’ those who made it to the Sales Page and didn’t buy or sign-up. These are ‘warm’ contacts and are easier to convert.