Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to get your message directly to the people most likely to be interested in it.

For perhaps the first time in history finding potential customers or members is easy. Less easy is the ability to turn those possibilities into certainties – to get the prospects to respond to the advert, and then to keep them all the way to the sale, or the sign-up.

The answer of course is in the copy. How an Ad is presented and which psychological factors are in play are at least as important as the message itself.

Too many excellent products and too many start-ups fail simply because of bad copy. The trouble is, bad copy doesn’t necessarily look bad until it’s failed. What ‘looks good’ to an untrained copywriter can damage a launch, a product or even a company.

All Facebook Ads take you off somewhere; to a Landing Page or a Sales Page, or to a sign-up for a mailing list or a course. Unless your ad is designed to show a product with a direct link to the Sales Page, it is part of a greater campaign.

The objective of the Facebook Ad is to entice people onto a Landing Page or a mailing list.

It’s then the copy on that Landing Page or in the emails that determines whether you get to keep them or lose them.

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