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Email Campaigns are an essential tool for anyone wanting user interaction with their website.

However, crafting such emails is both science and art combined. How you promote what you have to offer is as important as the offer itself. There will always be people looking for what you have to offer, but don’t get beyond reading the ad, or reach the landing page and back out then, or leave the Sales Page without hitting the ‘Buy’ button. It is for these people that Email Campaigns are designed.

‘Cold’ Campaigns

Cold Email Campaigns are called that because they’re the email equivalent of cold calling. You do not know who is getting your emails (or you have some idea, but they don’t know you) and so the only gauge of success is the response rate. A lot of cold emails end up in the Spam folder; we all get them and we ignore most of them. Not all of them; sometimes one that has a subject line close to something in which we’re currently engaged and will pique curiosity so we’ll open it (or at least Preview it).

What we see when we open it determines whether it’s then instantly binned or worth giving it a paragraph or two.

Cold email campaigns DO work. They work very well as is evidenced by the sheer number of them. If they didn’t work there wouldn’t be any. They work by accepting millions may receive the email, and only a few will open it. Fewer still will respond. If an email reaches two million people and only half of 1% of recipients look at it, and only half of them respond, that is still 2,500 responses from a single email. Target response rates for these emails are 2-5%.

If you have been disappointed with your previous response rates and need to see improvement, or if this is your first campaign, I can create the copy for you and make suggestions on how to maximise the return potential of the responses.

If you would like me to help you with a Cold Email Campaign, I would be more than happy to do so. Please click here and we can get to know a bit more about each other, and what you want to do.

‘Warm’ Campaigns

A ‘warm’ email address is one that has been volunteered. Warm email lists are members of a site, known customers, people who have clicked a link to get to you and have volunteered their address. We know at least something about to whom we are sending the campaign. Even a first contact email response to a cold email or a Facebook Ad provides us with a valid email address that has been volunteered. ‘Warm’ emails are those sent to groups of people.

Everyone who volunteers their email address in return for a special offer, a regular newsletter, discounts or any other reason, has done so because (s)he is interested in whatever it is you have to offer. It is absolutely crucial that the first stage of the email campaign creates further engagement. The campaign is designed to persuade the potential client to become a real one, to progress to the next stage of the process; a purchase or a sign-up.

For existing lists of customers (or old customers) you would like to return, or for news of a product launch for example, again the content has to be carefully crafted.

Even existing fans of your site need a real reason to follow your trail to the buy button.

I can create all of the copy for your email campaign, from the initial response to the Thank You. If you would like me to help you run an email campaign on your existing email lists please click here to start a dialogue.

Remember I can provide the copy for single mailings, sequential mailings, periodic mailings, product launches et al.