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About Me

I have had a varied career, from delivering soft drinks and factory work, through purchasing agent, photographic studio owner, computer hardware engineer, programmer, web-designer, technical documentation author, course designer, tutor,  lecturer, database engineer and even a music festival organiser. 

I have written over a hundred training courses for further education colleges and designed a set of national certification examinations. I pioneered the use of intranets whilst at the University of Nottingham and am particularly proud of the database I designed and built to run the administration of Medical Courses, students and lecturers. This database managed the department for 23 years, constantly updated as new versions of the underlying software were released, and did so without error. Not once.



I have over 30 years experience of creating copy for both online and offline publications and after retiring early from full-time work due to COVID, I needed to continue writing. It’s an occupation I love. I have excellent English Language skills but I needed a direction. A friend suggested I try going freelance.  I’ve always prided myself on (as close as I can get to) perfection and so I embarked on a series of training courses to master the art of generating online engagement. I bought the best training courses available and so, I have been trained by some of the best in the world. It was not cheap, but it has been very effective.

For fun I enjoy both creating and playing games. I love reading when I get a chance, which is quite rare these days. I love music and created a web site for musicians and fans and had over a thousand musicians and bands signed up. It was from that that the festival organisation began. In all, I organised or co-organised 10 festivals, one of which has never not sold out and is still going. 

I have achieved many things in this life of which I can be proud. I have had an impact on lives in many ways; with my teaching and with my festivals. But by far my proudest ‘achievements’, if you can call it that, are my two grown sons. They are my link to the future, and I am their link to the past.