How and Why

Hello, I am Jon, CEO of Really Effective Copy.

My journey has taken many roads to get to this point. I started my career as an electronics engineer and cut my teeth on programmed fairground lighting systems whilst doubling up as a photographer/graphic designer. I built my first computer from component parts and fell in love with programming.

 I designed computer games for early consoles for a few years and then moved into teaching. I wrote over a hundred training courses and created examination papers for third tier education, adult education, university students and recognised qualification providers (City & Guilds & NVQ for example). These courses were programming, application use, system design, mathematics and some physics. 

Leaving teaching I stepped sideways into university administration and project management, before taking up a position with a world top ten university’s IT department. There, I created the first intranet within the establishment, introduced a wireless network and then developed web sites, web-enabled databases and other applications. I have created online questionnaires, databases that handle hundreds of thousands of pounds every month and interactive training courses.

One of my databases has been in constant use for over 25 years. It manages the teaching diaries of medical students, their tutors and room allocations. It also administrates payments, work-experience ‘outings’ and looks after the students’ learning records. It has never fallen over. One of the first websites I created (sadly no longer active) still has 700 active members in the site’s Facebook Group, which is still going. Since leaving the university I have dedicated my time to creating websites for myself and others. 

After retiring from full time work I had time on my hands; hands that needed to create, and a wealth of experience going to waste. Having been trained in writing effective copy for the modern internet, I formed the Really Effective Copy company in 2022.