The Problem

The Solution

You are, or want to be, an online shop owner/manager.  You are not and don’t want to be, a programmer. You want to sell your products or services without having to learn how to put an e-commerce website together.  You have looked  into setting up a website and it’s daunting. 

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We will create your website, taking care of everything required to get you up and running. All you will ever need to do is update your products/services and deal with your customers. We will do everything else.

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Steps required to set up an e-commerce website

Obtain the URL*
Buy a hosting package*
Install the platform
Configure the platform
Add security functionality
Add functionality plug-ins, add-ons, extensions and/or code**
Configure plug-ins, add-ons & Extensions
Install (or create) the site theme**
Configure the theme
Create the standard and legally required pages
Obtain, process and format media (images, videos etc)**
Obtain and install the SSL License*
Create product categories
Add products, with images, description, prices, etc.
Connect the site to payment processors

Set up Shipping zones/connect to courier account

Link the site to Facebook, instagram etc.

* Initial and annual charges apply. ** Initial and annual charges may apply