Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns come in three main formats. Single, cold marketing emails sent to old lists (or bought ones). Single or sequenced warm emails sent to live mail lists. And Autoresponder emails are sent when a visitor clicks a link in your ads.

Email Campaigns all have one thing in common: they are intended to garner user engagement. Whether that engagement is to join a club, receive a newsletter, sign up for a course or buy a service or product, the email campaign is designed and written to maximise its own effectiveness.

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Facebook Ads

Everyone who uses Facebook knows that the number of ‘sponsored’ posts has increased dramatically. As a promotion tool, Facebook Ads are unsurpassed at getting seen by people looking for what you are promoting.

Unlike cold campaigns, where you cast your advertising budget far and wide, hoping to catch those few who happen to be in the market for your product, service, v/blog, newsletter etc. Your Facebook Ads are presented to people based on their interests or group memberships, so they’re only presented to people who are already in your target group.

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Landing/Sales Pages

Landing Pages are the pages with which your visitors are presented upon arriving at your website. The most basic, or top-level, Landing Page is of course your Home Page. Cold visitors will usually land there. When arriving at your site from a link the landing page must be directly related to the context of the click. That is if someone has clicked a ‘More Info’ button, you do not want them to land on your Home page; they need to arrive at a Landing Page that has the information required.

Sales Pages are obviously the pages where the actual purchase takes place. Sales Pages are presented after a ‘Buy Now’ click. That ‘Buy Now’ click could come from a Facebook Ad, an email, or, far more likely, your own Landing Page.

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Web Content

Anyone who can use a Content Management System can legitimately claim to be a website designer these days. Designing great-looking web pages with current tools is relatively easy and a novice can be justifiably proud of a site built with someone else’s template.

However, whilst the overall look and feel of a website can be templated, the copy, the content itself, cannot. No matter how pretty, how innovative, or how professional it looks, if visitors cannot engage with the content, they’ll leave. It is imperative that your content is engaging and presented without errors, grammatical or otherwise.

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Every website that has ‘members’ or ‘customers’ or signed-up ‘users’ should be utilising the power of Newsletters. Newsletters do three things really well. They keep your clients engaged with your site/company/special interest. They allow you to advertise old, current and upcoming stock or services. And they are a very useful tool is getting more sign-ups/purchases.

Like all other aspects of customer-facing media, it has to be right. The copy must be good. Bad copy sells nothing. Good copy sells reasonably well. Really Effective Copy sells really well.

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