A newsletter is a printed or electronic report containing news concerning the activities of a business or an organisation that is sent to its members, customers, employees or other subscribers. Newsletters generally contain one main topic of interest to their recipients.


However, to an online business or special interest group, a newsletter is this and much more. What Newsletters are not, are sales brochures. Whilst it is perfectly OK to announce items for sale or sign-up in a Newsletter, the pitch needs to be only one of the items in the newsletter; it cannot be the only one. Otherwise, it’s not a Newsletter, it’s spam.

The Newsletter is a much-underestimated tool in furthering engagement between a website and its mailing list.

Each article enjoyed by its recipients warms them a little more to you. If your readers respect you they will listen to you. And when you advertise that new product or service or Special Interest Group, they are more likely to click a link in a publication they trust.

Writing Newsletters can be time-consuming and, especially in times of little actual news, difficult to write. That’s where the copywriter comes in. With some research, some pictures and some ideas about content, the copywriter creates the content for you, leaving you to enjoy the engagement with it.

The reasons you might contract a copywriter are usually one of the following:

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